World bullet Traveler and crystal Kei

Let’s introduce the travel when crystal Kei goes out to world bullet Traveler.
It applies about Kei “I want to listen to music in a mystery bottom of the earth lake”.
It is travel from Tokyo to Spain on the fourth a night stay.
It is travel of the airplane of 14 hours or more from New Tokyo International Airport to the Charles De Gaulle international airport.
Moreover, Barcelona and Palma are changed there to the airplane.
Crystal Kei who arrived at the Palma town is meal in the restaurant.
There are some surroundings in the town in Barcelona ..the tourist spot…
Because it was Kei who wanted to make the concert when there were a cathedral etc. , it did.
However, the day ended almost only because of the movement.
Supper is [baeria] of the special product.
It is the one that can be called local specialties of Spain.
It seems to be popular among a person all over the world in the dish that uses chicken etc.
And, it finally faces the bottom of the earth lake on the next day.
It is [dorakku] cave.
A little mini-concert was opened in the cave.
The present of the song was presented to bride and bridegroom.
Still, it is an artist.
Kei is picturesque singing.
Travel program “World bullet Traveler” for the woman realizes guest’s dream.
A real travel is sales.
The normal person can return by going like the bullet of ginger and traveling abroad being possible not to sing like crystal Kei.
Will you make for [toki] an origin your power on the weekend ..only it is..?
World bullet Traveler also has the title of Cinderella on the weekend.
It has the dream in feelings that became Cinderella.
Let’s obtain vigour to confront the work on Monday.