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World bullet Traveler and [nashihana]

Is world bullet Traveler that is the travel program of Nippon Television Network Corporation seen?
Popularity is a high program in women.
The guest travels abroad, and three people ([hashizuchan], [nashihana], and [shokotan]) are looking at the appearance of travel in the studio.
The conversation of three people is also interesting.
Well, [nashihana] has left on an overseas trip voluntarily.
Let’s introduce the appearance at that time.
It is a surroundings marriage preparation tour the most in the world.
From Tokyo to travel on France, the United States, and 5 2 night stay
From Narita on the 1st to France and the direct flight it.
Even the Charles De Gaulle international airport is an airplane of 12 and a half hours.
After that, it is sightseeing of Paris with the taxi.
The hotel went a dinner cruise by taxi at the Four Seasons hotel.
It wines while catching some beautiful views from the cruise.
The alcohol of [nashihana] is actually useless.
The night view of Basilique Notre Dame was also wonderful.
The second day is [anjeri-na] and breakfast.
The style was Parisienne.
After that, it goes out to the jewelry shop of the aim.
Because Pierce for the wedding had been gotten, it did.
Shoes are custom-made.
It is meeting with designer’s Mr. [rubutan].
It is an order for the wedding shoes.
World bullet Traveler is a concept that the female office worker travels abroad on the weekend.
It is a program to be heartening for the woman.
The atmosphere of not the sightseeing trip that the setting is done but a real travel is transmitted from the beginning.
The purpose is also clear in the wedding preparation of [nashihana] this time.
The viewer is to see the guest and me repeatedly.