Music of world bullet Traveler

World bullet Traveler is a popular show on television in female office workers.
Two has been telecasted in the television system since 11:30 on Saturday night.
It is a program started to put up the female office worker on the weekend energetically.
Guests travel abroad like the bullet so that may realize an own dream by them.
Three people ([shizuchan], [nashihana], and [shokotan] of Southern sea [kyandei;-zu]) are watching the appearance of the travel in the studio.
It is a comedy show but it is a serious moderately program.
It can have good feeling in the narration of [hiroyuki] Amano.
And, the music that flows to backing is very pleasant it, too.
Atmosphere is piled up from the opening to the insertion tune and the ending.
Music is very important in the television program.
The program noisily changes into not the one like the [noo] laughter but the program deliberately shown whether it is the one that the music that flows especially was in the scene.
How does the person in charge who is producing the program try to put up female office workers energetically?
The insertion tune changes in each occasion.
The one and the tempo are various like an often advanced tune etc. of a quiet melody.
We are listening to music actually firmly while seeing the scene by eyes.
The image that enters from the ear changes feelings very greatly.
The tune that flowed at the meal of [nashihana] [santoshigeruchan] seems to be ” Hard to say I’m sorry” of David Foster.
Of course, it is in addition a lot.
There is often an inquiry of the tune on the question site etc. though nobody might know all tunes.
Do you think that all are good tunes?
No do be known whether world bullet Traveler is one popular factor.