Book on world bullet Traveler

World bullet Traveler telecasted in Nippon Television Network Corporation became a book.
It is in girls Hawaii popular.
This introduces Hawaii by three people who are doing MC in world bullet Traveler [shizuchan], [nashihana], and [shokotan] of Southern sea [kyandei;-zu].
It is a similar book and there is girls Paris, too.
It is Hawaii only of one night stay in the book as well as the program.
The viewpoint, it shops, and full loading coming to want to actually go such as delicious meal.
It is Hawaii where [nashihana] did produce.
What travel do it become?
World bullet Traveler is a project said that it will enjoy traveling abroad because it limits it to one night stay. To enjoy only the woman, must be able how.
Because it is sightseeing in a limited time, I should be positively enjoyed by me.
It is the one that it was assumed that the female office worker went out to travel abroad on the weekend.
It is necessary to find a moderate way to enjoy at the time of bad weather.
Traveling abroad seems to have gone out to young modern women readily.
However, only going without how to enjoy my own way and coming back are tired.
You may say the program from which how to enjoy traveling is thought.
The narration is [hiroyukidesu] Amano.
The face doesn’t come out only by the narration in the program.
Atmosphere is piled up by settled narration.
The interest is sure to come out more if it knows the program though it is also good to enjoy reading the book.
Publication is Nippon Television Network Corporation.
It is good when reading once because Amazon etc. are sold.