World bullet Traveler and [nashihana]

Is world bullet Traveler that is the travel program of Nippon Television Network Corporation seen?
Popularity is a high program in women.
The guest travels abroad, and three people ([hashizuchan], [nashihana], and [shokotan]) are looking at the appearance of travel in the studio.
The conversation of three people is also interesting.
Well, [nashihana] has left on an overseas trip voluntarily.
Let’s introduce the appearance at that time.
It is a surroundings marriage preparation tour the most in the world.
From Tokyo to travel on France, the United States, and 5 2 night stay
From Narita on the 1st to France and the direct flight it.
Even the Charles De Gaulle international airport is an airplane of 12 and a half hours.
After that, it is sightseeing of Paris with the taxi.
The hotel went a dinner cruise by taxi at the Four Seasons hotel.
It wines while catching some beautiful views from the cruise.
The alcohol of [nashihana] is actually useless.
The night view of Basilique Notre Dame was also wonderful.
The second day is [anjeri-na] and breakfast.
The style was Parisienne.
After that, it goes out to the jewelry shop of the aim.
Because Pierce for the wedding had been gotten, it did.
Shoes are custom-made.
It is meeting with designer’s Mr. [rubutan].
It is an order for the wedding shoes.
World bullet Traveler is a concept that the female office worker travels abroad on the weekend.
It is a program to be heartening for the woman.
The atmosphere of not the sightseeing trip that the setting is done but a real travel is transmitted from the beginning.
The purpose is also clear in the wedding preparation of [nashihana] this time.
The viewer is to see the guest and me repeatedly.

South Korea of world bullet Traveler

Traveling abroad is a yearning for the woman.
If possible, it is the one where it wants to go even times how many.
It is world bullet Traveler to achieve such a dream in place of the viewer.
It is a television program that Nippon Television Network Corporation has been telecasting since 11:30 on Saturday.
Let’s introduce trip to South Korea in world bullet Traveler.
It is “I want to become beautiful in South Korea” tour.
It is [shizuchan] and Kyoko Hamaguchi of Southern sea [kyandei;-zu] that went on a trip.
Kyoko Hamaguchi is a person famous for the women’s wrestling.
The limitation has been installed by world bullet Traveler at the sojourn time in the locale.
It was 35 stay time hours and 45 minutes in South Korea the chapter.
It moves from Haneda to the Konoura international airport in South Korea by airplane.
It will arrive in about two hours because South Korea is the vicinity soon.
[Shizuchan] buys the doughnut for the schedule of becoming beautiful.
In this program, money spent on the trip is published.
The viewer’s being able to go on a trip is actually a concept.
Differing from a lot of travel programs is this respect.
It is not a travel that the setting is done, and it travels from the beginning actually.
No do be known whether it is posture of such program production that it is popular among a lot of women either.
Well, the portrait studio etc. that reflect in the sauna and the beautiful woman who can become beautiful skin though it is continuation of the travel of South Korea have surroundings.
After that, the massage that can become a small face also goes.
It will be able to be said that the program has succeeded if it is thought that save up money by the female office worker, and go on the weekend.
You also see.
I am sure to want to travel abroad.

Music of world bullet Traveler

World bullet Traveler is a popular show on television in female office workers.
Two has been telecasted in the television system since 11:30 on Saturday night.
It is a program started to put up the female office worker on the weekend energetically.
Guests travel abroad like the bullet so that may realize an own dream by them.
Three people ([shizuchan], [nashihana], and [shokotan] of Southern sea [kyandei;-zu]) are watching the appearance of the travel in the studio.
It is a comedy show but it is a serious moderately program.
It can have good feeling in the narration of [hiroyuki] Amano.
And, the music that flows to backing is very pleasant it, too.
Atmosphere is piled up from the opening to the insertion tune and the ending.
Music is very important in the television program.
The program noisily changes into not the one like the [noo] laughter but the program deliberately shown whether it is the one that the music that flows especially was in the scene.
How does the person in charge who is producing the program try to put up female office workers energetically?
The insertion tune changes in each occasion.
The one and the tempo are various like an often advanced tune etc. of a quiet melody.
We are listening to music actually firmly while seeing the scene by eyes.
The image that enters from the ear changes feelings very greatly.
The tune that flowed at the meal of [nashihana] [santoshigeruchan] seems to be ” Hard to say I’m sorry” of David Foster.
Of course, it is in addition a lot.
There is often an inquiry of the tune on the question site etc. though nobody might know all tunes.
Do you think that all are good tunes?
No do be known whether world bullet Traveler is one popular factor.

Passport case with world bullet Traveler

The passport is necessaries if traveling abroad.
There is a case to put the passport.
Let’s introduce the passport case that became a viewer present by television program “World bullet Traveler” that makes the female office worker’s traveling abroad a concept.
This is world bullet Traveler and an original passport case by [korabo] of “COOKIE FORTUNE”.
There is three color version according to three women who appear on the program.
[Shizuchan] of Southern sea [kyandei;-zu] is a black, [nashihana] is yellow, and Nakagawa [ko] is pink.
The design is often woman’s very lovely impression.
World bullet Traveler that Nippon Television Network Corporation is telecasting is a popular program among the woman.
This passport case seems to have been sent to the auction.
It went up up to 15,000 yen temporarily.
Still, there might be a lot of people who think hope.
Let’s see in the passport case.
It is put that it can be storage to say nothing of the passport from the airline ticket and various tickets and greenbacks to small change.
Proceeding through customs etc. only have to have this one.
It might be one recommended goods in a favorite person to travel.
The concept of world bullet Traveler is female office worker’s solitary travel on the weekend.
It seems to aim at a tired on business woman and to aim at a program that can be energetic.
It wants to actually see the program, to travel, and there seem to be a lot of people who became it, too.
The composition of the program is thought well.
Time of 30 minutes is just between ..goodness.. [ii] [toki].
Not the sightseeing trip where the table is put up but real travel is emphasized.

Theme song of world bullet Traveler

The popularity of world bullet Traveler that Nippon Television Network Corporation is producing seems to be high in female office workers.
Woman’s solitary journey on the weekend is made a concept.
When it wants you to become an origin where woman’s vigour is regained, it seems to be produced.
The theme song of such world bullet Traveler is also popular.
There is a person who is variously examining it on the net.
The insertion tune and the ending are similar.
The program is serious fairly though performing also has the comedian etc.
Of course, because it is not the formal one, you may think one of the varieties.
Well, it seems to be a tune called “Freedom” of LOVE PSYCHEDELICO though it is a theme song of world bullet Traveler.
When he or she hears it, an interesting person is good.
Because it is a program of the travel, the tune to be cheerful of the mind might be chosen.
The program concept of world bullet Traveler is heartening to the female office worker.
It is the one that wants to be calm on the weekend though everyone is tired on business.
I am sure to want to go to travel abroad if possible.
Instead, the program has realized such female office worker’s hope.
The travel in the program should be feasible, and for that what the female office worker can do even by oneself. should
When the program is collected, it seems to be only an accompaniment of a minimum staff.
Not travel that the setting is done but real travel is emphasized from the beginning.
Seem it to hardly go out to the studio, and the narration of [hiroyuki] Amano to be also popular.
His talking seems to pile up atmosphere though it is not a program that takes comedy.

Present of world bullet Traveler

The television program has the present for the viewer though there is a souvenir in the travel anywhere.
The program of Nippon Television Network Corporation that says world bullet Traveler has the present from the guest who goes on a trip.
Of course, it is only what the guest actually chose though it is lot.
The program called this world bullet Traveler is a concept said that the female office worker travels abroad on the weekend.
It is a travel for heartening to the work on Monday.
The travel that does to the locale only by one night stay like the bullet and comes back is unusual though the sightseeing trip etc. will go if it is a usual female office worker.
Is this project popular and secret?
After the program starts, it seems to continue a high audience rating.
The viewer present is articles for the woman.
It is only the one obtained only in each country though there seem to be a lot of accessories and dresses, etc.
The price is also various.
It is quality goods and it exists from little small articles to the one with a high price.
I might be good if applying if there is liked what.
It is likely to have traveled abroad many times if it is a favorite person for the travel.
However, a lot of people spend the weekend somehow.
It is a program that becomes Cinderella healing tiredness for one week.
Everyone is to want to become energetic only in the television by me though is serious work.
Such a travel might be single woman’s privilege.
Such a hurried travel is that the man cannot do at all.
However, there is the interesting one because the purpose of the travel is clarified even if it sees.
Moreover, because it is not a program with the scenario, real of that has received it.

Hotel of world bullet Traveler

Traveling abroad it, the hotel is important.
Wherever world bullet Traveler goes, one night stay is regulations.
There are a lot of most hotels in the restaurant in the hotel wonderfully only though stay.
Moreover, it is interesting to be near.
Let’s introduce the hotel introduced in world bullet Traveler a little.
There is Sails in The Desert Hotel in Ayers Rock famous.
It is a hotel where multi [kaoko] Uehara stayed.
It was called a tiptop hotel in an Ayers Rock resort hotel at that time.
When too popular, Reservation..take.
The hotel did not touch so much in the program.
It might be ..surrounding [masukara].. reluctant variously in the program of 30 minutes.
Is it difficult for a moment for world bullet Traveler to acquire hotel information?
If the female office worker tries to travel abroad, the hotel where the reservation is taken easily is safe.
It is too crowded if it is a full hotel and is likely to become tired for a moment.
However, slowly sleeping at the hotel is Cinderella wasteful of the weekend.
It is necessary to go to target ground cheerfully.
It is also happy to see the woman’s traveling abroad.
Vigour can be gotten only by guests’ faces that seem to be happy.
There is an element of not a mere travel program but the variety, too.
However, it is different from the travel prepared at the time of beginning.
Is it popular and secret?
The concept of the program is to put up the female office worker energetically.

World bullet Traveler of Nippon Television Network Corporation

How much television are you watching?
What program is the nigger night?
There is world bullet Traveler since 11:30 on Saturday of Nippon Television Network Corporation.
Accurately「The Cinderella world of weekend. Bullet Traveler」[Desu].
The content has changed for a moment though it is a traveling abroad program.
It travels abroad so that the guest and the woman of regular may realize her wish.
The title every week is ..”**”.. attached.
As the content of the travel, it is the one that it was assumed that the female office worker went out to travel on the weekend.
The guest travels with a purpose as no mere sightseeing trip it.
According to circumstances, it seems to become two people and three people though there are a lot of solitary journeys.
One night stay in the locale is a rule, and the local stay time is limited.
The bell of Cinderella at 12 o’clock is made a motif.
When time passes, travel becomes discontinuance.
Three women are looking at the appearance of travel in the studio.
Three people are regular, and it is Nakagawa [ko], [shizuchan], and [nashihana].
Moreover, is the narration [kyai]?[Hiroyukidesu] Amano of [n].
The atmosphere of the travel is piled up unlike atmosphere in the comedy show, and settled atmosphere has been put out.
Is it popular among female office workers?
It seems to have a huge audience with stability.
It started in the latter half of 2007, and this program is ..idea.. ..absorbing.. [rashita] times etc. of commemoration a little.
Moreover, the popular one has been brought together as a summarizing program in past telecast.
And, it introduces it as bullet Academy Award.
The program is published as a book.
World bullet Traveler is broadcast in the Japanese whole country of Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated.
When you also see once, it is good.

Meal of world bullet Traveler

Hesitating when traveling abroad is meal.
It is because it cannot be judged whether to suit me even if it is a famous menu.
The price becomes uneasy for a moment, too.
It might be good if referring to the one eats by the travel program etc. for this.
Women are eating various the one in world bullet Traveler that has been telecasted since 11:30 on Saturday night.
There is an impression actually eats, too and the price at that time is placed in the homepage.
It becomes reference very much.
It is only the one that can be eaten by no treat it that cannot be eaten, and entering the shop suddenly if it is usual.
It is a program composition that can be called the feature of world bullet Traveler.
Location is only a guest and basically a cameraman.
Of course, it is a prior guest that actually buys though it is likely to prepare.
There are a lot of meals that have not been tasted either in Japan.
The same menu is different the taste and atmosphere in the home.
In our meal in daily life, the one to understand the taste is most.
It is possible to eat at ease though it is unimproved.
However, I want to eat local food in traveling abroad.
Especially, if it is a woman, shopping and the meal of the purpose of the travel might be main.
The woman thinks about the same thing as for the program.
Of course, being pleased by nice meal is the same anywhere though there is a holiday aim.
It goes out to the name of the dish and the name of the dining room when retrieving it on the net.
Is there a person who is examining it?

Introduction of world bullet Traveler

It is world bullet Traveler that popularity is high as the travel program.
World bullet Traveler has started out on a trip to guests various every week.
It enjoys narrowing the purpose because it is a travel only of one night stay.
It seems to be introduced also on the site where the shop and the food taken up by this program are various.
In a word, the list of the shop introduced in world bullet Traveler and the list of food are published.
There might be a person who wants to eat when actually starting out on a trip, too.
It can be said the program that serves as a reference to the travel of the woman.
The number only of us who leave on an overseas trip seems to have increased to young modern women.
There is no way for food in the locale etc. other than see guide book however
This program is useful at such time.
It is because of the order actually and eating.
From the beginning to no travel that setting is done
The accompaniment staff in the locale is a minimum.
You may say travel from which guest’s real face comes out.
If you want to go, let’s retrieve past animation.
It is various.
If it is one night stay, Asia is handy.
If it is South Korea and Taiwan, the movement is immediate.
If it is known what enjoyment you exist in the locale as knowledge, it might be good.
The story of the person who actually experienced because of the guide book is useful.
The subtitle of the program is Cinderella of the weekend.
Be soaked in momentary Cinderella feelings.
It is our ordinary one usually.
If it doesn’t enjoy even feelings alone, it is not possible to do.
You also get vigour in world bullet Traveler.